Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

Six Kings

Most of the caverns within Six Kings are natural, carved out by ancient tremors and the flow of water. Among these formations, the Dhakaani excavated great halls, some of which survive.

The cave mouth opens into a dark passage descending steeply as it follows a northward path inside the mountain. After about 80 feet, the tunnel dead-ends; two massive rubble falls have resulted from the collapse of the ceiling. Yeraa knows that the area the goblins seek lies beyond the westernmost rubble pile, which can be cleared with an hour’s work. After the characters and their allies have opened the passage and moved through the narrow tunnel heading west.


A cavern opens up beyond the corridor, veins of purple byeshk ore gleaming in its walls. To the northwest, you can see another narrow passage partly blocked by rubble but still passable. ‘’An ancient tomb lies this way," says Yeraa, pointing in that direction. "Within stands the obelisk portal my seekers shall use to go deeper into the Six Kings’ vaults. You’ll go your own way from there, so we can all get home more quickly."

A rough floored tunnel gives way to a large chamber. You stand among the rubble of its collapsed southeastern corner. The walls of this place are smooth dark stone, the ceiling arching 30 feet overhead. At the center of the chamber stands a six-sided obelisk. Dusty runes mark the structure’s sloping sides, its top rising to within 10 feet of the ceiling. Around it stand four other open hexagonal structures- broken and looted communal sarcophagi, jutting from the bones and other remains littering the floor around them.

Worn runes scribing Goblin words cover this slope-sided 20-foot-tall obelisk. The words describe great battles fought against foulspawn in these caverns.

The obelisk is a magic portal, seeping necrotic energy from the other side. Only goblins can use it. Examining the obelisk for a minute reveals a series of pictograms that show goblins using it to teleport deeper under the mountain and arriving in a room that holds another obelisk.

Yeraa steps close to the obelisk and says, “Saa’atchal” The weathered runes flare with a dull ray light. "Watch yourselves … " the goblin leader has time to bark; then she and all the Kech Volaar disappear in a blinding pulse of white. At the same time, shadow pools across the floor of the chamber. Skeletal remains here and there assemble quickly and rise.

After dealing with the skeletons the team hear word from the sending stone Yeraa gave them that they have reached the inner chamber and were continuing on, and that the should do the same.

A wide hall opens into a partially collapsed chamber, its southern extent buried beneath rubble. To the southwest, you glimpse an area with worked stone walls. The crumbling of this chamber revealed another level below. The floors and walls of the upper level are stained black as if by fire. Half-dozen dusty skeletons are strewn across the floor.

A dozen strides ahead, a faint shape rises, then forms into the shimmering figures of an armored, blade-wielding goblin in the passageway. The creature hisses at you, its face twisting to a skeletal leer as its flesh peels away. With a hiss, the phantom dives into the floor and is gone.

The irregularly shaped cavern ahead of you is a blaze of color. The steady drip of water is audible, coming from somewhere nearby. Gleaming veins of purple streak the walls and the cavern’s floor and ceiling feature stalactites and stalagmites. Within those tapering stone columns, a grim scene presents itself. Like an image seen through fog, goblin bodies are trapped within murky crystal, their hands outstretched and their dead eyes wide with horror.

The stalagmites of this cavern conceal the ghostly figures of the goblin warriors who died here. Now, their spirits linger as phantoms and foul undead tainted by the essence of Xoriat.

Veins of byeshk ore give this damp cavern its distinctive purple sheen. The goblins slain here during the daelkyr incursion had the horror of their death imprinted into the stone by lingering magic. The steady drip of moisture built a forest of stalactites and stalagmites to hold those ghastly images.

Two rubble-choked exits lead away from the lower section of the cavern; both of them have the same destination. Each of the passages is blocked by a 5-foot-high fall of rubble. Only one creature can work within one of these narrow tunnels at a time, but either fall can be easily cleared with 10 minutes of work. When the characters are halfway through the process of clearing the rubble (from one or both passages), the sound of combat is heard from ahead.

This huge chamber appears to have once been a barracks. Bones and debris are scattered across the floor, as are the rotted remains of what mi8ht once have been furnishings and weapons. Rotted purple draperies hang at intervals, some of them obscuring a number of stone benches. In the center of this chamber, a group of ghostly goblins engages in melee with a trio of hideously deformed creatures that have four arms and two mouths on their goblin like bodies.

Bands of rusted iron seal these stone double doors. The massive mummified corpse of a creature that looks like a flayed ape with huge hands stands before the doors. A dusty spear is rammed throu8h the corpse and into the crack between the doors.

The cavern ahead is bisected by a rubble-strewn bluff From beyond the downslope comes the flicker of torchlight and the echo of harsh voices.

Below the slope, the cavern opens northeast to a narrow fault passage and northwest to a set of open double doors. Prowling the darkness ahead are two deformed creatures like those you encountered earlier. With them is an enormous hulking foulspawn, its flesh glistening pink as though its skin has been flayed away.

On the opposite shore, a pale goblin in filthy skins crouches at the edge of the water. When it sees you, the creature hisses, drawing a pair of stone knives from its belt as it fades back into darkness.

You stand on a plateau above the floor of a wide cavern, jutting out over a dimly lit chamber to the east. A small flight of stairs leads down on the far side of the chamber. In the center of the area beyond the stairs, a strai8ht-ed8ed, octa8onal pool8ives off pale silver li8ht. A large group of undead creatures, all oblivious to your presence, is revealed in this bright illumination.

A creature lingering by the far ed8e of the pool appears to be the leader of this foul crew. It occasionally speaks and sways, the others watching it closely like a rapt and macabre congregation. A gleaming golden gem hangs around the lead creature’s neck.



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