Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

Emerald Claw Ambush

You notice that the foliage on the eastern side of the road ahead is disturbed, suggesting a group of creatures passed through it. More than half a dozen heavy or heavily laden booted humanoids passed into the woods here. They tried to cover their tracks. A thicket covers the forest floor in many places here. Sinister armored figures lurk among the trees, a cowled humanoid among them. Lightly armored warriors with bows also skulk in the foliage of the treetops.


Steel flashes, and armored warriors emerge from among the trees. They are clad in tabards emblazoned with the symbol of the Emerald Claw. A large human in plate, his dark beard hanging under his helm, holds his halberd aloft. “Leave none alive! For the glory of the Emerald Claw, their deaths shall serve our cause.”

Captain Warrik is riding a warhorse and wearing magical layered plate complete with jousting shield and lance. He yells out insults to the group as he charges into combat.


Focusing their attack on the diminutive Halfling paid off as Moerdygan Gamwichcollapsed as two lances pierced his armor.

Cut off from their commanders the rest of the Emerald claw fared worse and were cut down by swarms of mosquitoes, arcane bolts and the impenetrable defenses of Quinn.

Seeing the day lost Warrik rode off as the rest of his band was slaughtered cursing out his promise for revenge.

A faint path winds up the mountain’s slope and slips between two Low shelves of gray stone. As you crest that rise, you see figures ahead-armored goblins, all with weapons drawn. This war party is not the Kech Volaar seeker team that Captain Kalaes described to you in Sharn.

The warriors before you have blade-shaped scars on their forearms. These goblins bear the weapons and icons of the Kech Shaarat-the Bladebearers, a Dhakaani clan.

The lead hobgoblin is a bulky brute in battered black leather armor, a pair of notched scimitars slun8 across both shoulders. “I am Chib Naersaar. Saw you ambushed by Claw, eh? Good fight you put up, for weak pale skins. Claw not Kech Shaarat, though. You leave maps, notes on Arkantaash. Flee back to the city with your small lives, or Lose them here.”


You find the landmark that Captain Kalaes said to watch for. Beneath the third king, an out cropping of white stone points the way to a dark cavern. As you approach, Figures emerge from hiding among the rocks. This band of goblins and hobgoblins resembles those that Kalaes described-they must be the Wordbearers. They don’t look happy to see you.

A frowning hobgoblin female in chainmail, with a bastard sword slung across her shoulders seems to be the leader. Another hobgoblin in dark leather whispers to her, giving you a meaningful look. From the tattoos on this hobgoblin’s face, and the bejeweled rapier he carries, you recognize him as the doppelganger Citadel agent, Tikulti. The leader steps forward and speaks in a deep, Feminine voice. “J am Yeraa, leader of these Kech Volaar seekers. Arkantaash belongs to goblinkind. Six Kings belongs to goblinkind. Name your price for Ashurta’s Blade, which I believe you have acquired. Then leave this place, and if you desire peace, do not return.”

Kech volaar

The characters tells the goblin clan why they have come then Tikulti intervenes:

“It is written that the destiny of Arkantaash is bound to those who seek and find its scattered fragments.” Behind Yeraa, Tikulti steps forward. “These folk have claimed Ashurta’s blade, and they have shown courage, honor, and forthrightness in their actions and in treating with us. Before we join in this quest, let us bond in spirit with the Amalorkar.”

The Amalorkar

Yeraa pulls a bag from her pack, opening it to slowly pour ash on the ground. On the flat bluff outside the cave, she sends several minutes outlining a wide circle of ash, open on the north and south ends. As she completes the circle, the ash flares and gives off a ring of thin smoke.

Six kings

Where the steep slopes of the Graywall Mountains mark the frontier of western Breland, a legendary monument towers above the plains. More than ten thousand years ago, at the height of the Dhakaani Empire, the best goblin stonemasons labored for a generation to carve a set of six figures from the face of the mountain. Rendered in exquisite detail, they tower a thousand feet high. Although two of the figures have been badly damaged over their long history, the grandeur of each one is breathtaking. The legendary Six Kings were the great hobgoblin war chiefs who forged an empire with blood and steel. By the time their monument was completed, Dhakaan controlled all of Khorvaire. Even today, with Darguun a shadow of the empire’s greatness and the goblins crippled by infighting, Six Kings speaks to a glory that might yet rise again.

At the feet of Six Kings, innumerable caverns cut into the mountain. Although countless goblins have visited the monuments since Dhakaan fell, the caverns have never been fully explored. Those who have entered speak of horrid undead and lurking foulspawn, of lost goblin clans and hidden cities, of buried relics and caches of ancient weapons as sharp as the day they were forged. The Kech Volaar and the PCs know that two fragments of the Ashen Crown also wait in caverns beneath Six Kings.



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