Order of the Emerald Claw

From heroes to traitors, the Order of the Emerald Claw was perhaps the best-known knightly order during the Last War. Superbly trained, devoted to the point of fanaticism, they appeared at Karrnath’s(the oldest of the Five Nations) darkest hour and were critical to the successful fight to turn the tide. At some point approximately one 1/4 of Karrnaths officers belonged to the order. The half-plate of the Emerald Claw became one of the most easily recognisable symbols during the war.

Yet they were controversial from the very first day. Its members were praised for bravery, innovation and toughness as often as they were accused of flaunting tradition, sometienes even of fomenting treason. The emergence of the order was so sudden and its methods so radical that many officers and government officials were suspicious and resentful. Despite the order’s successes, Karrns who raised concerns about the group never ran out of rationales or rumors.

And then came Regent Moranna’s coup. She cast the order down as traitors and conspirators against Karrnath, accusing them of terrible crimes. A cleansing of the army took place and the Order went into hiding. Most Karrnathi agree that this was the right decision and that the Emerald Claw had overstepped its bounds, yet many still support the order. And this support is not restricted to Karrns any more.

Today their modus operandi remains the same: flexibility, self sufficiency and accomplishment regardless of sacrifice. It is unclear to whom exactly these extremists answer to. Although they claim to be nothing more than Karrnathi nationalists and patriots, rumours mentioning a mysterious Queen of Death can occasionally be heard. The terroristic nature of their activities is undeniable-all nations condemn the Order’s vile method. The Order of the Emerald Claw will stop at nothing, no war crime or dishonourable act to achieve dominance and their agents have spread throughout Khorvaire. It is unnerving, but their resources are far more powerful than what even the Karrns expected. The number of skilled warriors and arcanists that have joined the Order is not insignificant.

Members of the Order of the Emerald Claw who act openly are very distinctive, bearing half-face helmets and the Emerald Claw symbol on their armors. They often use necromantic techniques – it is believed that they have ties to the death cult called the Blood of Vol, yet most of its practicioners seem to despise the Order and condemn its actions as much as anyone else.

Order of the Emerald Claw

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