Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

A Time to Mourn

The date is 20 Olarune 998 YK
The party members receive a letter from Alric Blacktree.

Storming the Tower

The ruined tower juts up from the mountainside, silhouetted against the gray sky. A few leafless trees grow taller than the tower’s crumbling walls, and a mound of rubble is piled near the entrance. There is no sign of the doors that once sealed the entrance, and you can see one other place where the walls have broken enough to allow passage to the tower.

Derrik and Alian came from Cyre and noted the dirty human druid coming up the opposite road. After meeting Marc, he mentioned he noticed a shadowy figure watching them from the trees behind the tower. Not being alarmed by this they decided to investigate the tower. Derrick wanting to show off his new invention had his disembodied hand explore the husk of the tower. Upon its return they were wary of 4 kruthiks lurking inside. This excited the Druid who in turn transformed into a swarm of tiny kruthiks and proceeded to enter the tower and attempt communication with the swarming bug like creatures. He told there was food out the side entrance which they surprisingly did encounter. As they left the Tower of Scars high pitched screams of their dying reached the adventurer’s ears along with the acrid smell of vinegar. More of these creatures pushed up from under the ground and attached Alian and Derrick waiting in the trees. Out of the side passageways leading further into the tower the druid was confronted with one of the strangest and disturbing visages of his young life.
As the party proceeded to deal with this new threat they saw the sneaky gnome run out through a hole in the side of the tower.

Inside the tower they found dealkyr wall art – dead bodies desecrated in horrific twisted horror. They also discovered the recently assassinated corpse of Bren ir’Gadden.

They also find a deactivated warforge Azm, Alric – Bren’s aide and a ½ elf windwright “captain”. They are lying passed out on a Mark inscribed on the floor. 2×2 section of the floor – symbol like the arching lines of a dragonmark adorn the ground, not carved, but actually rising up from the hard earth. It is faintly blue and pulses with power.

Derrik moves forward and removing a dragonshard from his pouch places it on the symbol. The shard glows bright red for a moment then the lines of the prophecy are reproduced inside the shard.

“Five at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”

As they leave the tower strange orange lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a rumble of thunder that shakes the ground beneath your feet. A gust of wind, unseasonably warm shakes the dry branches of the trees – and then you notice the corpses shambling towards you. Two human men wearing the insignia of the Order of the Emerald Claw grin at you behind the zombies, hefting their flails. Behind them, a gaunt woman dressed in green and black scowls in your direction.

A blue flash originates from the Tower of scars that washes over you. You feel a terrible pain as if you were burnt and you can feel your heart-beat emanating from your sore flesh. It is hot and painful to the touch. You realize that you have a dragon mark!

Mallora an Emerald hand Necromancer gives an alarming cackle and tells the party to hand over Bren and to the superiority of the Emerald Claw…

The Battle of Saerun Road

On the 20th or Oralune in 994 YK, the armies of Breland, Thrane, Zilargo, Valenar and Aundair mounted an offensive on the vastly outnumbered Cyran forces at Saerun Road. The forces of Thrane and Breland were under the joint command of Princess Boran of Breland, and Bishop-Militant Gradon of Thrane. Together, they were about 30,000 strong.

The Cyran forces were significantly smaller, comprised mainly of Warforged infantry units. During the first day of battle, the Cyrans countered the massing forces with quick hit-and-run tactics. With the tireless warforged at their disposal, the Cyrans were able to stall the advancement of their enemies until reinforcements arrived.

On the second day of the battle, those reinforcements evened the battle. The warforged infantry were joined by Darguun mercenaries, archers and light calvary from further east. Fighting on familiar ground, the Cyran defenders, though outnumbered, were holding their own.

A few days prior to the battle, a Brelish Major, Lord Bren ir’Gadden, was captured during a skirmish on the outskirts of the Brelish line.

Approximate Borders 994:
The Lord Major has important information about Brelish operations in the region so everyone involved in the Last War would like to get their hands on him.

The Temple of Scars

As King Jarot of Galifar approached old age, questions about the succession of his throne ran rampant. Although by tradition, his eldest scion, Princess Mishann of Cyre was to claim the throne, others doubted her ability to rule. Prince Thalin of Thrane felt he was far fit to rule instead. However, on the king’s deathbed in 894 YK, he gave Mishann his blessings and bade Prince Wrogar of Aundair to honor his decision.

At the funeral shortly thereafter, Mishann discussed the details of her coronation with her siblings, but they held a deaf ear to her words. Indeed, they personally threatened to send their soldiers to Thronehold to prevent any such action. Only her brother Wrogar remained allied to Cyre, since he was bound by honor. Later in the year 894 YK hostilities commenced. Alliances were formed, shifted, and were broken over the course of the war. Virtually no part of the continent was unaffected.

The year is 994 and Cyre has launched a deep strike invasion of Karrnath aimed at the Undead producing crypts of Atur.
Meanwhile the recent Thrane and Brelish pact has remained strong and skirmishes along their borders were nearly nonexistent. The two countries stepped up relations and plot a joint invasion of Cyre.

The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK



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