Heads a small temple in Malleon's Gate and helps the poor of the Cogs in Sharn.


A gentle, if battle ready middle-aged Hobgoblin. He is one of the more well known priests of the Sovereign Host in the Lower City. He preaches to the mostly Goblinoid neighborhoods in Khyber’s Gate and Blackwoods. He focuses on the worship of Dol Dorn, Olladra, Onatar, Arawai, and even the Traveler. He carries a staff with him at all times and seems skilled in martial applications of the weapon.

He has asked for help in ridding the Cogs of the kruthiks who have been attacking and even killing members of his flock in the Lower City. He has even told the PCs that some of the kruthiks have been flying as well, making them even harder to avoid.



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