Marc d'Tharashk


14 AC
17 Fort
13 Ref
15 Will
42 HP


Marc is a recently dragon-marked human of house Tharashk.

In his youth, he was the butt end of many jokes since he was a weak human among orcs and half-orcs. His tough childhood made him resilient and quick witted, but he never grew very muscular.

He aspires to join the Gatekeepers – The elite druids of his house that fight the aberrations of Xoriat, the Daelkyr. Marc found early on that he had an affinity with the creatures of the Shadow Marches, most notably the insects.

He does not go looking for fights, but will defend the innocent, his friends, and the oppressed. He is well studied in magic, nature, first-aid, and noticing things that don’t belong. His ability to endure adverse conditions is almost superhuman.

He has no desire to control things, or lead groups. He feels things that are working do not need to be meddled with.

Marc d'Tharashk

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