Derrick D'Cannith

House Cannith Tinkerer


Human, mid twenties, 6’ 180lbs. Wears brightly colored flowing scarves and sashes over his leather armor and generally wears brightly colored puffy shirts when he isn’t wearing armor. He wears an amulet of protection +2 around his neck and always wears leather gloves on his hands and usually carries a large over-stuffed backpack filled with tools and materials for whatever project he is currently working on.

Depending on the situation, he either carries a Javelin in his right hand and a magical rod in his left or a Frost Crosswbow +1 in both hands. All it takes is a subtle click of the tongue which goes unheard by most to communicate with his disembodied hand which will fetch things from his pack and put them back as needed. So one second he can be shooting his crossbow and the next second he have his javelin and rod out ready to charge.

AC 18
Fort 17
Ref 19
Will 15
Max HP 41


Derrick is a human of House Cannith, the “House of Making”. He is a young and is regarded as a rising star generally, but has recently suffered a setback when his rival, Julius, stole his invention. The invention was a mechanical eye that would scan the battlefield for hidden enemies. Derrick tried to expose Julius by asking him technical details about it while in the presence of others, but Julius was such a smooth talker that he was able to convince everyone that it was his invention and that Derrick had simply helped out in a few minor details. Derrick also suspects that the fact that Julius has the Mark of Making and Derrick does not might be contributing to the favoritism that Julius seems to enjoy.

Derrick is starting to wonder if the whole House Cannith thing is going to work for him long term. It does allow him to invent new things which is all he ever wants to do, but the politics of it is unnerving to him. He is starting to wonder if he should try to do something else to seek out his fortune.

Just before the incident in Cyre, he was finishing up on his newest and best invention. He is working on something he calls “Derrick’s Disembodied Hand” which will act as a third hand for the controller, fetching items that are needed or answering the door or any other simple tasks that may require a third hand.

Derrick D'Cannith

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