Alric Blacktree

Former aide to Bren ir'Gadden. Plotted to destroy Dalaman Tower in Sharn.


Was the aide of Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden during the Last War. Was captured by a pair of aberrations with his superior on the day of Mourning and was placed in a draconic prophecy mark for some sinister reason. The experience left him almost catatonic.

Aric planned his own capture four years ago. He was working with dolgrims to get himself and Bren ir’ Gadden into the Tower of Scars. He sought exposure to the Prophecy mark in the town for one reason: He hoped to manifest a dragonmark of his own.

He now bears a mark on his left shoulder.

Aric constructed an eldritch machine in his hometown at the base of Dalannan Tower, in the Center Bridge district of the Lower Menthis Plateau of Sharn. The machine was an implement of devastation, set to destroy much of the Menthis Plateau. His reasons for this were never discovered.

The group uncovered the plot by following a summoned Mourning Haunt trail.

Aric tracked down the group as they returned from their victory and attacked them with a group of goblins on soarsleds. Aric was knocked off his sled and fell into the depths of Sharn.


Alric Blacktree

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