Alain Du Penn

haunted and mentally disturbed sorcerer


Alain is a human male, around 5’10". He has long, dark brown hair and green eyes. He’s usually dressed in leather armor and a long dark robe. Alain is not fond of communicating with people; he’s somewhat of an introvert.


Alain was born into a farming family in the nation of Cyre. Although he exhibited signs of innate magical power, his parents downplayed this aspect of him, and he led a pretty common life. He was married in his early twenties and started a family. Shortly after the birth of his second child, the Great War broke out. Never one to blindly choose a cause, he remained on his farm until a visitor from the Cyren government arrived. It seemed that the government had been keeping an eye on several individuals in the region suspected of being “natural-born magic-users.”

The government pressed him into service where he was trained and conditioned to use this innate magical power. The rest of his service with the Cyren Army was as a member of the Artillery Corps that mixed catapults, trebuchet and wizards into a formidable ranged combat force. Due to the nature of his service, Alain mostly avoided harm—save for a jagged scar on the let side of his face—one he received in a battle with Karnathi forces.

Throughout it all, Alain just wanted to return to his farm and be with his family. Because of this, he volunteered to an assignment that promised to significantly shorten his service. It was at the end of this mission, Alain witnessed the massive explosion that engulfed his country—and everything he held dear. A deep roar issued from his lungs as the enormity of what he lost took hold. His rage and fury replaced the other emotions within him, and in that moment, he swore to The Fury that whoever was responsible would pay. With the end of the war, Alain became a Wand-for-hire along the former border regions, where he earned a reputation for ruthless efficiency in dealing with the various bandit groups, comprised of former soldiers from several nations’ armies.

Despite his brutal methods, Alain has not completely lost touch with his humanity. He shows kindness and generosity to the many innocent townsfolk of the border region. He’s got a soft-spot for children and cannot abide word of those who seek them harm. Alain is also close with Derrik of House Cannith and the rogue known as Mordygan.

Alain Du Penn

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