• (Captain) Adogen Pierce

    (Captain) Adogen Pierce

    A tall, stylish half-elf with wind-swept blond hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. Buckles run the length of his tall, black boots and jingle like spurs when he walks. He wears bright colors and a cap with a large plume of feathers.
  • Alain Du Penn

    Alain Du Penn

    haunted and mentally disturbed sorcerer
  • Derrick D'Cannith

    Derrick D'Cannith

    House Cannith Tinkerer
  • Moerdygan Gamwich

    Moerdygan Gamwich

    Moerdygan is a Halfling standing 4'7". He is usually dressed in fine, hand tooled leather armor with ornate woven patterns. Blonde braides flow about his head and down into his chops. He has bright blue eys. Clearly visible nearly across his throat is
  • Alric Blacktree

    Alric Blacktree

    Former aide to Bren ir'Gadden. Plotted to destroy Dalaman Tower in Sharn.
  • Bren ir'Gadden

    Bren ir'Gadden

    A famous high-ranking officer and war hero of Breland
  • Captain Saj Kalaes

    Captain Saj Kalaes

    Officer of the King's Citadel stationed in Sharn
  • Gydd Nephret

    Gydd Nephret

    Professor at Morgrave University, specialized in ancient Dhakaani culture
  • Lady Dannae Ulyan

    Lady Dannae Ulyan

    Skullborn Elf that engages in dark necromancy and wants the crown for herself
  • Olaakki


    Heads a small temple in Malleon's Gate and helps the poor of the Cogs in Sharn.