Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

The Temple of Scars


As King Jarot of Galifar approached old age, questions about the succession of his throne ran rampant. Although by tradition, his eldest scion, Princess Mishann of Cyre was to claim the throne, others doubted her ability to rule. Prince Thalin of Thrane felt he was far fit to rule instead. However, on the king’s deathbed in 894 YK, he gave Mishann his blessings and bade Prince Wrogar of Aundair to honor his decision.

At the funeral shortly thereafter, Mishann discussed the details of her coronation with her siblings, but they held a deaf ear to her words. Indeed, they personally threatened to send their soldiers to Thronehold to prevent any such action. Only her brother Wrogar remained allied to Cyre, since he was bound by honor. Later in the year 894 YK hostilities commenced. Alliances were formed, shifted, and were broken over the course of the war. Virtually no part of the continent was unaffected.

The year is 994 and Cyre has launched a deep strike invasion of Karrnath aimed at the Undead producing crypts of Atur.
Meanwhile the recent Thrane and Brelish pact has remained strong and skirmishes along their borders were nearly nonexistent. The two countries stepped up relations and plot a joint invasion of Cyre.

The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK




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