Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

The Battle of Saerun Road

On the 20th or Oralune in 994 YK, the armies of Breland, Thrane, Zilargo, Valenar and Aundair mounted an offensive on the vastly outnumbered Cyran forces at Saerun Road. The forces of Thrane and Breland were under the joint command of Princess Boran of Breland, and Bishop-Militant Gradon of Thrane. Together, they were about 30,000 strong.

The Cyran forces were significantly smaller, comprised mainly of Warforged infantry units. During the first day of battle, the Cyrans countered the massing forces with quick hit-and-run tactics. With the tireless warforged at their disposal, the Cyrans were able to stall the advancement of their enemies until reinforcements arrived.

On the second day of the battle, those reinforcements evened the battle. The warforged infantry were joined by Darguun mercenaries, archers and light calvary from further east. Fighting on familiar ground, the Cyran defenders, though outnumbered, were holding their own.

A few days prior to the battle, a Brelish Major, Lord Bren ir’Gadden, was captured during a skirmish on the outskirts of the Brelish line.

Approximate Borders 994:
The Lord Major has important information about Brelish operations in the region so everyone involved in the Last War would like to get their hands on him.



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