Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

Road to Six Kings

3 Therendor 998 YK

A young Sharn Papermonger yelled out headlines in the weekly paper that caught the heroes’ attention.

The group headed to the King’s Citadel to get their final briefing from Captain Saj Kalaes. He mentions his concern over the nights events and the character’s involvement. He insists that one of his guards Quinn accompanies the group. which also includes a priest of the SIlver Flame Mika, Moerdygan Gamwich a Talenta Halfling, Derrick D’Cannith, Alain Du Penn and (Captain) Adogen Piercethe Lyrandar outcast.

Kalaes mentioned that Tikulti got word to the Citadel about an attack by undead against the Word bearers. He confirms the Order of the Emerald Claw‘s involvement, as well as one of their star agents-a Skullborn elf known as Demise( Lady Dannae Ulyan). Captain Kalaes warns the PCs that the Emerald Claw’s warriors are depraved and fanatical. Whether the same can be said of Demise, who is not truly Emerald Claw, he doesn’t know.

With preludes and preparations out of the way, the PCs board the Lyrandar airship Eminence.
In route they are attacked by a piratical group of flying drakes who ruthlessly fly-by the ship killing men and stealing articles from the ship then flew off. With the Lyrandar Captain injured Adogen invokes his dragonmark and commands the helm – binding with the bound elemental. When they finally reach Ardev the reaming crew is impressed with the young half-elf’s ability but bid them fair well as they returned to port to get a fresh crew and shore up Eminence.

They set out on foot on the Orien trade road leading northwest, the PCs make their way from Ardev in west central Breland to the ancient goblin monument of Six Kings in the northern fringe of the Graywall Mountains. The town of Graywall is the unofficial gateway between civilized Breland and the anarchy of Droaam, but those who frequent the western reaches of the Brelish frontier know that civilization holds little sway within sight of the mountains. The road northwest from Ardev resembles any other Orien trade route, if a poorly maintained one, but only those who have traveled that road can appreciate its dangers.

The moons Dravago and Lharvion are both full in the night sky.

The journey from Ardev to Six Kings takes you through some of the most dan8erous territory in Breland. You might have a trade road to follow, but that path doesn’t ensure easy passage to Droaam’s frontier.

On the road, three humans have captured a dark-skinned, tattooed Goblin and are questioning it. The goblin is silent, but the blade one of the thugs is drawing might change that.
Although these humans are dressed as hunters or scouts, they wear cloak brooches that mark them as proud knights of the Emerald Claw.

A rustling alerts you to the approach of two more humans through a scrub thicket on the bluff.

Govaan is unusual in that his skin is dark brown, mottled with lighter orange-brown. He is bound and bloodied. Govaan is a Wordbearer scout trailing his comrades to report pursuit and other dangers.

The plains here roll along, intermittently covered in thick scrub. In this region rocky spires, some j1at on top, also rise from the grassland. In the distance from the direction you’re traveling (northwest), you hear horns blaring.

The horn calls are unusual for hunting. They sound more like battle coord ination.

Those horn calls aren’t Brelish. They sound like war horns of Droaam. They probably belong to raiders who are preying on far-flung ranches and farms.

News has reached as far as Sham that raiders have entered into Breland from a minotaur warlord’s fortress, Turakbar’s Fist, in Droaam. According to rumor, these raiders act without the sanction of the Daughters of Sora Kell, the three hags that rule Droaam. The marauders are savages that despoil anything they can’t carry away.

You crest a hill in the rolling, stony plains, with a good vantage of the surrounding countryside. A few miles down the road, or maybe a little to the north of it, is a thin plume of white smoke.

Rolling with the plains, the road twists through short, rocky spires here and there as it ascends into the mountains.

A hint of smoke on the breeze catches your attention.
Crouching low atop a wide stone spire amid some boulders, a single gnoll watches the road.

The group decides to go around and avoid an obvious trap.

Plains have given way to rocky woodland. The trees were once cut back from the road, but the forest has crept closer to the cobbles in intervening years. The Graywall Mountains loom in the distance, and on the mountains’ northern flank are the towering figures of the Six Kings.



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