Sojourn of the Dragonmarked

Six Kings

Most of the caverns within Six Kings are natural, carved out by ancient tremors and the flow of water. Among these formations, the Dhakaani excavated great halls, some of which survive.

The cave mouth opens into a dark passage descending steeply as it follows a northward path inside the mountain. After about 80 feet, the tunnel dead-ends; two massive rubble falls have resulted from the collapse of the ceiling. Yeraa knows that the area the goblins seek lies beyond the westernmost rubble pile, which can be cleared with an hour’s work. After the characters and their allies have opened the passage and moved through the narrow tunnel heading west.


A cavern opens up beyond the corridor, veins of purple byeshk ore gleaming in its walls. To the northwest, you can see another narrow passage partly blocked by rubble but still passable. ‘’An ancient tomb lies this way," says Yeraa, pointing in that direction. "Within stands the obelisk portal my seekers shall use to go deeper into the Six Kings’ vaults. You’ll go your own way from there, so we can all get home more quickly."

A rough floored tunnel gives way to a large chamber. You stand among the rubble of its collapsed southeastern corner. The walls of this place are smooth dark stone, the ceiling arching 30 feet overhead. At the center of the chamber stands a six-sided obelisk. Dusty runes mark the structure’s sloping sides, its top rising to within 10 feet of the ceiling. Around it stand four other open hexagonal structures- broken and looted communal sarcophagi, jutting from the bones and other remains littering the floor around them.

Worn runes scribing Goblin words cover this slope-sided 20-foot-tall obelisk. The words describe great battles fought against foulspawn in these caverns.

The obelisk is a magic portal, seeping necrotic energy from the other side. Only goblins can use it. Examining the obelisk for a minute reveals a series of pictograms that show goblins using it to teleport deeper under the mountain and arriving in a room that holds another obelisk.

Yeraa steps close to the obelisk and says, “Saa’atchal” The weathered runes flare with a dull ray light. "Watch yourselves … " the goblin leader has time to bark; then she and all the Kech Volaar disappear in a blinding pulse of white. At the same time, shadow pools across the floor of the chamber. Skeletal remains here and there assemble quickly and rise.

After dealing with the skeletons the team hear word from the sending stone Yeraa gave them that they have reached the inner chamber and were continuing on, and that the should do the same.

A wide hall opens into a partially collapsed chamber, its southern extent buried beneath rubble. To the southwest, you glimpse an area with worked stone walls. The crumbling of this chamber revealed another level below. The floors and walls of the upper level are stained black as if by fire. Half-dozen dusty skeletons are strewn across the floor.

A dozen strides ahead, a faint shape rises, then forms into the shimmering figures of an armored, blade-wielding goblin in the passageway. The creature hisses at you, its face twisting to a skeletal leer as its flesh peels away. With a hiss, the phantom dives into the floor and is gone.

The irregularly shaped cavern ahead of you is a blaze of color. The steady drip of water is audible, coming from somewhere nearby. Gleaming veins of purple streak the walls and the cavern’s floor and ceiling feature stalactites and stalagmites. Within those tapering stone columns, a grim scene presents itself. Like an image seen through fog, goblin bodies are trapped within murky crystal, their hands outstretched and their dead eyes wide with horror.

The stalagmites of this cavern conceal the ghostly figures of the goblin warriors who died here. Now, their spirits linger as phantoms and foul undead tainted by the essence of Xoriat.

Veins of byeshk ore give this damp cavern its distinctive purple sheen. The goblins slain here during the daelkyr incursion had the horror of their death imprinted into the stone by lingering magic. The steady drip of moisture built a forest of stalactites and stalagmites to hold those ghastly images.

Two rubble-choked exits lead away from the lower section of the cavern; both of them have the same destination. Each of the passages is blocked by a 5-foot-high fall of rubble. Only one creature can work within one of these narrow tunnels at a time, but either fall can be easily cleared with 10 minutes of work. When the characters are halfway through the process of clearing the rubble (from one or both passages), the sound of combat is heard from ahead.

This huge chamber appears to have once been a barracks. Bones and debris are scattered across the floor, as are the rotted remains of what mi8ht once have been furnishings and weapons. Rotted purple draperies hang at intervals, some of them obscuring a number of stone benches. In the center of this chamber, a group of ghostly goblins engages in melee with a trio of hideously deformed creatures that have four arms and two mouths on their goblin like bodies.

Bands of rusted iron seal these stone double doors. The massive mummified corpse of a creature that looks like a flayed ape with huge hands stands before the doors. A dusty spear is rammed throu8h the corpse and into the crack between the doors.

The cavern ahead is bisected by a rubble-strewn bluff From beyond the downslope comes the flicker of torchlight and the echo of harsh voices.

Below the slope, the cavern opens northeast to a narrow fault passage and northwest to a set of open double doors. Prowling the darkness ahead are two deformed creatures like those you encountered earlier. With them is an enormous hulking foulspawn, its flesh glistening pink as though its skin has been flayed away.

On the opposite shore, a pale goblin in filthy skins crouches at the edge of the water. When it sees you, the creature hisses, drawing a pair of stone knives from its belt as it fades back into darkness.

You stand on a plateau above the floor of a wide cavern, jutting out over a dimly lit chamber to the east. A small flight of stairs leads down on the far side of the chamber. In the center of the area beyond the stairs, a strai8ht-ed8ed, octa8onal pool8ives off pale silver li8ht. A large group of undead creatures, all oblivious to your presence, is revealed in this bright illumination.

A creature lingering by the far ed8e of the pool appears to be the leader of this foul crew. It occasionally speaks and sways, the others watching it closely like a rapt and macabre congregation. A gleaming golden gem hangs around the lead creature’s neck.

Emerald Claw Ambush

You notice that the foliage on the eastern side of the road ahead is disturbed, suggesting a group of creatures passed through it. More than half a dozen heavy or heavily laden booted humanoids passed into the woods here. They tried to cover their tracks. A thicket covers the forest floor in many places here. Sinister armored figures lurk among the trees, a cowled humanoid among them. Lightly armored warriors with bows also skulk in the foliage of the treetops.


Steel flashes, and armored warriors emerge from among the trees. They are clad in tabards emblazoned with the symbol of the Emerald Claw. A large human in plate, his dark beard hanging under his helm, holds his halberd aloft. “Leave none alive! For the glory of the Emerald Claw, their deaths shall serve our cause.”

Captain Warrik is riding a warhorse and wearing magical layered plate complete with jousting shield and lance. He yells out insults to the group as he charges into combat.


Focusing their attack on the diminutive Halfling paid off as Moerdygan Gamwichcollapsed as two lances pierced his armor.

Cut off from their commanders the rest of the Emerald claw fared worse and were cut down by swarms of mosquitoes, arcane bolts and the impenetrable defenses of Quinn.

Seeing the day lost Warrik rode off as the rest of his band was slaughtered cursing out his promise for revenge.

A faint path winds up the mountain’s slope and slips between two Low shelves of gray stone. As you crest that rise, you see figures ahead-armored goblins, all with weapons drawn. This war party is not the Kech Volaar seeker team that Captain Kalaes described to you in Sharn.

The warriors before you have blade-shaped scars on their forearms. These goblins bear the weapons and icons of the Kech Shaarat-the Bladebearers, a Dhakaani clan.

The lead hobgoblin is a bulky brute in battered black leather armor, a pair of notched scimitars slun8 across both shoulders. “I am Chib Naersaar. Saw you ambushed by Claw, eh? Good fight you put up, for weak pale skins. Claw not Kech Shaarat, though. You leave maps, notes on Arkantaash. Flee back to the city with your small lives, or Lose them here.”


You find the landmark that Captain Kalaes said to watch for. Beneath the third king, an out cropping of white stone points the way to a dark cavern. As you approach, Figures emerge from hiding among the rocks. This band of goblins and hobgoblins resembles those that Kalaes described-they must be the Wordbearers. They don’t look happy to see you.

A frowning hobgoblin female in chainmail, with a bastard sword slung across her shoulders seems to be the leader. Another hobgoblin in dark leather whispers to her, giving you a meaningful look. From the tattoos on this hobgoblin’s face, and the bejeweled rapier he carries, you recognize him as the doppelganger Citadel agent, Tikulti. The leader steps forward and speaks in a deep, Feminine voice. “J am Yeraa, leader of these Kech Volaar seekers. Arkantaash belongs to goblinkind. Six Kings belongs to goblinkind. Name your price for Ashurta’s Blade, which I believe you have acquired. Then leave this place, and if you desire peace, do not return.”

Kech volaar

The characters tells the goblin clan why they have come then Tikulti intervenes:

“It is written that the destiny of Arkantaash is bound to those who seek and find its scattered fragments.” Behind Yeraa, Tikulti steps forward. “These folk have claimed Ashurta’s blade, and they have shown courage, honor, and forthrightness in their actions and in treating with us. Before we join in this quest, let us bond in spirit with the Amalorkar.”

The Amalorkar

Yeraa pulls a bag from her pack, opening it to slowly pour ash on the ground. On the flat bluff outside the cave, she sends several minutes outlining a wide circle of ash, open on the north and south ends. As she completes the circle, the ash flares and gives off a ring of thin smoke.

Six kings

Where the steep slopes of the Graywall Mountains mark the frontier of western Breland, a legendary monument towers above the plains. More than ten thousand years ago, at the height of the Dhakaani Empire, the best goblin stonemasons labored for a generation to carve a set of six figures from the face of the mountain. Rendered in exquisite detail, they tower a thousand feet high. Although two of the figures have been badly damaged over their long history, the grandeur of each one is breathtaking. The legendary Six Kings were the great hobgoblin war chiefs who forged an empire with blood and steel. By the time their monument was completed, Dhakaan controlled all of Khorvaire. Even today, with Darguun a shadow of the empire’s greatness and the goblins crippled by infighting, Six Kings speaks to a glory that might yet rise again.

At the feet of Six Kings, innumerable caverns cut into the mountain. Although countless goblins have visited the monuments since Dhakaan fell, the caverns have never been fully explored. Those who have entered speak of horrid undead and lurking foulspawn, of lost goblin clans and hidden cities, of buried relics and caches of ancient weapons as sharp as the day they were forged. The Kech Volaar and the PCs know that two fragments of the Ashen Crown also wait in caverns beneath Six Kings.

Road to Six Kings

3 Therendor 998 YK

A young Sharn Papermonger yelled out headlines in the weekly paper that caught the heroes’ attention.

The group headed to the King’s Citadel to get their final briefing from Captain Saj Kalaes. He mentions his concern over the nights events and the character’s involvement. He insists that one of his guards Quinn accompanies the group. which also includes a priest of the SIlver Flame Mika, Moerdygan Gamwich a Talenta Halfling, Derrick D’Cannith, Alain Du Penn and (Captain) Adogen Piercethe Lyrandar outcast.

Kalaes mentioned that Tikulti got word to the Citadel about an attack by undead against the Word bearers. He confirms the Order of the Emerald Claw‘s involvement, as well as one of their star agents-a Skullborn elf known as Demise( Lady Dannae Ulyan). Captain Kalaes warns the PCs that the Emerald Claw’s warriors are depraved and fanatical. Whether the same can be said of Demise, who is not truly Emerald Claw, he doesn’t know.

With preludes and preparations out of the way, the PCs board the Lyrandar airship Eminence.
In route they are attacked by a piratical group of flying drakes who ruthlessly fly-by the ship killing men and stealing articles from the ship then flew off. With the Lyrandar Captain injured Adogen invokes his dragonmark and commands the helm – binding with the bound elemental. When they finally reach Ardev the reaming crew is impressed with the young half-elf’s ability but bid them fair well as they returned to port to get a fresh crew and shore up Eminence.

They set out on foot on the Orien trade road leading northwest, the PCs make their way from Ardev in west central Breland to the ancient goblin monument of Six Kings in the northern fringe of the Graywall Mountains. The town of Graywall is the unofficial gateway between civilized Breland and the anarchy of Droaam, but those who frequent the western reaches of the Brelish frontier know that civilization holds little sway within sight of the mountains. The road northwest from Ardev resembles any other Orien trade route, if a poorly maintained one, but only those who have traveled that road can appreciate its dangers.

The moons Dravago and Lharvion are both full in the night sky.

The journey from Ardev to Six Kings takes you through some of the most dan8erous territory in Breland. You might have a trade road to follow, but that path doesn’t ensure easy passage to Droaam’s frontier.

On the road, three humans have captured a dark-skinned, tattooed Goblin and are questioning it. The goblin is silent, but the blade one of the thugs is drawing might change that.
Although these humans are dressed as hunters or scouts, they wear cloak brooches that mark them as proud knights of the Emerald Claw.

A rustling alerts you to the approach of two more humans through a scrub thicket on the bluff.

Govaan is unusual in that his skin is dark brown, mottled with lighter orange-brown. He is bound and bloodied. Govaan is a Wordbearer scout trailing his comrades to report pursuit and other dangers.

The plains here roll along, intermittently covered in thick scrub. In this region rocky spires, some j1at on top, also rise from the grassland. In the distance from the direction you’re traveling (northwest), you hear horns blaring.

The horn calls are unusual for hunting. They sound more like battle coord ination.

Those horn calls aren’t Brelish. They sound like war horns of Droaam. They probably belong to raiders who are preying on far-flung ranches and farms.

News has reached as far as Sham that raiders have entered into Breland from a minotaur warlord’s fortress, Turakbar’s Fist, in Droaam. According to rumor, these raiders act without the sanction of the Daughters of Sora Kell, the three hags that rule Droaam. The marauders are savages that despoil anything they can’t carry away.

You crest a hill in the rolling, stony plains, with a good vantage of the surrounding countryside. A few miles down the road, or maybe a little to the north of it, is a thin plume of white smoke.

Rolling with the plains, the road twists through short, rocky spires here and there as it ascends into the mountains.

A hint of smoke on the breeze catches your attention.
Crouching low atop a wide stone spire amid some boulders, a single gnoll watches the road.

The group decides to go around and avoid an obvious trap.

Plains have given way to rocky woodland. The trees were once cut back from the road, but the forest has crept closer to the cobbles in intervening years. The Graywall Mountains loom in the distance, and on the mountains’ northern flank are the towering figures of the Six Kings.

Finders of the Ashurta's Blade

The group emerged from the Tain Foundry with Ashurta’s blade in hand. They spoke with Olaakki who told them to go to Morgrave University and inquire with proffessor Gydd Nephret who told them about the Ashen Crown and Ashurta’s blade. She bid them return in a couple days and she would see if she could research more about the Dhakanni Artifact.

The next day they recieved a royal summons to the Citadel of the Breland state.

There they met Captain Saj Kalaes

After recieving the mission from Breland and the Captain they go back to visit Gydd Nephret who introduces them to her guest Lady Dannae Ulyan.

Gydd Nephret sends the team a letter the next day.

A Time to Mourn

The date is 20 Olarune 998 YK
The party members receive a letter from Alric Blacktree.

Storming the Tower

The ruined tower juts up from the mountainside, silhouetted against the gray sky. A few leafless trees grow taller than the tower’s crumbling walls, and a mound of rubble is piled near the entrance. There is no sign of the doors that once sealed the entrance, and you can see one other place where the walls have broken enough to allow passage to the tower.

Derrik and Alian came from Cyre and noted the dirty human druid coming up the opposite road. After meeting Marc, he mentioned he noticed a shadowy figure watching them from the trees behind the tower. Not being alarmed by this they decided to investigate the tower. Derrick wanting to show off his new invention had his disembodied hand explore the husk of the tower. Upon its return they were wary of 4 kruthiks lurking inside. This excited the Druid who in turn transformed into a swarm of tiny kruthiks and proceeded to enter the tower and attempt communication with the swarming bug like creatures. He told there was food out the side entrance which they surprisingly did encounter. As they left the Tower of Scars high pitched screams of their dying reached the adventurer’s ears along with the acrid smell of vinegar. More of these creatures pushed up from under the ground and attached Alian and Derrick waiting in the trees. Out of the side passageways leading further into the tower the druid was confronted with one of the strangest and disturbing visages of his young life.
As the party proceeded to deal with this new threat they saw the sneaky gnome run out through a hole in the side of the tower.

Inside the tower they found dealkyr wall art – dead bodies desecrated in horrific twisted horror. They also discovered the recently assassinated corpse of Bren ir’Gadden.

They also find a deactivated warforge Azm, Alric – Bren’s aide and a ½ elf windwright “captain”. They are lying passed out on a Mark inscribed on the floor. 2×2 section of the floor – symbol like the arching lines of a dragonmark adorn the ground, not carved, but actually rising up from the hard earth. It is faintly blue and pulses with power.

Derrik moves forward and removing a dragonshard from his pouch places it on the symbol. The shard glows bright red for a moment then the lines of the prophecy are reproduced inside the shard.

“Five at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”

As they leave the tower strange orange lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a rumble of thunder that shakes the ground beneath your feet. A gust of wind, unseasonably warm shakes the dry branches of the trees – and then you notice the corpses shambling towards you. Two human men wearing the insignia of the Order of the Emerald Claw grin at you behind the zombies, hefting their flails. Behind them, a gaunt woman dressed in green and black scowls in your direction.

A blue flash originates from the Tower of scars that washes over you. You feel a terrible pain as if you were burnt and you can feel your heart-beat emanating from your sore flesh. It is hot and painful to the touch. You realize that you have a dragon mark!

Mallora an Emerald hand Necromancer gives an alarming cackle and tells the party to hand over Bren and to the superiority of the Emerald Claw…

The Battle of Saerun Road

On the 20th or Oralune in 994 YK, the armies of Breland, Thrane, Zilargo, Valenar and Aundair mounted an offensive on the vastly outnumbered Cyran forces at Saerun Road. The forces of Thrane and Breland were under the joint command of Princess Boran of Breland, and Bishop-Militant Gradon of Thrane. Together, they were about 30,000 strong.

The Cyran forces were significantly smaller, comprised mainly of Warforged infantry units. During the first day of battle, the Cyrans countered the massing forces with quick hit-and-run tactics. With the tireless warforged at their disposal, the Cyrans were able to stall the advancement of their enemies until reinforcements arrived.

On the second day of the battle, those reinforcements evened the battle. The warforged infantry were joined by Darguun mercenaries, archers and light calvary from further east. Fighting on familiar ground, the Cyran defenders, though outnumbered, were holding their own.

A few days prior to the battle, a Brelish Major, Lord Bren ir’Gadden, was captured during a skirmish on the outskirts of the Brelish line.

Approximate Borders 994:
The Lord Major has important information about Brelish operations in the region so everyone involved in the Last War would like to get their hands on him.

The Temple of Scars

As King Jarot of Galifar approached old age, questions about the succession of his throne ran rampant. Although by tradition, his eldest scion, Princess Mishann of Cyre was to claim the throne, others doubted her ability to rule. Prince Thalin of Thrane felt he was far fit to rule instead. However, on the king’s deathbed in 894 YK, he gave Mishann his blessings and bade Prince Wrogar of Aundair to honor his decision.

At the funeral shortly thereafter, Mishann discussed the details of her coronation with her siblings, but they held a deaf ear to her words. Indeed, they personally threatened to send their soldiers to Thronehold to prevent any such action. Only her brother Wrogar remained allied to Cyre, since he was bound by honor. Later in the year 894 YK hostilities commenced. Alliances were formed, shifted, and were broken over the course of the war. Virtually no part of the continent was unaffected.

The year is 994 and Cyre has launched a deep strike invasion of Karrnath aimed at the Undead producing crypts of Atur.
Meanwhile the recent Thrane and Brelish pact has remained strong and skirmishes along their borders were nearly nonexistent. The two countries stepped up relations and plot a joint invasion of Cyre.

The date is 20 Olarune 994 YK



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